this blog will show you about the new digital technology in thailand

This Blog Will Show You About The New Digital Technology In Thailand: Thailand’s Tech Revolution 2024

Thailand is a fun country in Southeast Asia. It is looking forward to the future. In early 2024, many people in Thailand used the internet. 88.0% of all people in Thailand were online. 

Lots of people in Thailand like social media. 68.3% of everyone in the country uses social media. Many people have cell phones too. There are more cell phones than people in Thailand.

The government in Thailand has a good idea. It is called Thailand 4.0. This idea helps Thailand use more digital stuff. It helps with internet, online payments, and smart computers. If you want to know about learning or technology, look at Thailand. It is becoming very good with digital things.

The Digital Shopping Revolution: How E-Commerce is Changing Retail in Thailand

In Thailand, more and more people are buying things online. From 2016 to 2021, online shopping got 32% bigger each year. When COVID-19 started, even more people shopped on the internet. In 2020, 77% of internet users in Thailand bought something online.

this blog will show you about the new digital technology in thailand

The most popular online shopping websites in Thailand are:

  • Lazada – It is the biggest online store in Thailand. It sells over 30 million products. Alibaba Group is the owner.
  • Shopee – It is an app for buying things online. It is getting very popular. More than 12 million people in Thailand use it. People in many Southeast Asian countries can use Shopee.
  • JD Central – This is's Thai website. It sells products from China.
  • Weloveshopping – It is like an online shopping mall. Over 500 Thai brands and stores sell things there.

People who know a lot about online shopping think it will keep growing in Thailand. By 2025, people might spend $53 billion buying things online. This is because more people in Thailand are starting to use the internet.

Mobile Wallets and Beyond: Thailand's Growing Cashless Payment Ecosystem

Lots of people in Thailand like using apps on their phones to pay for things. In 2021, over 50 million people used these apps often.

The apps that people like the most are:

  • TrueMoney Wallet – More than 21 million people in Thailand use this app. They use it to buy things online and give money to others.
  • Rabbit LINE Pay – This app is connected to the LINE chat app. Over 30 million people have made accounts on it.
  • AirPay – This is an app for payments that was made in Thailand. More than 5 million people use it.

Many people also use their phones to pay when they go to stores. Apps like Rabbit LINE Pay and AirPay let you pay by scanning. A lot of stores and people who sell things have special codes called QR codes. You can scan these codes to pay.

Thailand's Social Media Landscape: Navigating the Latest Trends and Developments

Many people in Thailand like to use social media. Over 52 million people use it often. Thailand has one of the highest numbers of social media users in the region.

The social media sites that people use the most are:

  • Facebook – 51 million people in Thailand have a Facebook account. It is the site that most people like.
  • YouTube – More than 40 million people watch videos on YouTube. Companies think it is important.
  • LINE – This is the most used chat app. 44 million people talk on LINE. Companies use it to message their fans.
  • Instagram – More and more people are using Instagram. There are over 16 million Instagram accounts. It is good for companies that sell lifestyle products.

Many people also like to buy and sell things on Facebook and Instagram.

this blog will show you about the new digital technology in thailand

Thailand's Telemedicine Revolution

Doctors can help more people in Thailand using telemedicine. Telemedicine means using technology to talk to doctors. This helps in a few ways:

  • Some apps have chatbots. Chatbots are like robots you can talk to. The chatbots on apps like Paodok and Forward Doctor give easy doctor advice for free.
  • On some apps, like VeVe Health, you can video call with actual doctors.
  • New companies like Mordee use technology for health. They will bring medicine to your home.

People who study this think telemedicine in Thailand will get 14.5% bigger every year from 2022 to 2027. This means it will grow a lot.

Thailand's New Normal: The Rise of Remote Work Culture

Many companies started letting people work from home because of COVID-19. Lots of people who work online like to live in Thailand now. There are a few reasons why:

  • It is cheaper to live in Thailand than many other places.
  • Thailand has fast internet and good roads, buildings, and other important things.
  • Thailand has nice weather and beaches. Many people enjoy living there.

The government of Thailand made special visas for people who work online. These visas let them stay for a long time. There are also more places where people can go to work together outside of their homes.

This is all I have for now. Let me know if you want me to write more. I can also make changes or add things to this part if you want.

Thailand's Digital Future: Government Initiatives and Policies Driving Change

The government in Thailand has many new plans. These plans will help Thai people use more digital things:

  • Thailand 4.0 – This is an idea to make more new things using technology. It helps people start new companies.
  • Smart City Initiative – This is making some cities different, like Phuket. It is turning them into special places for technology. They will have very modern roads, buildings, and other things.
  • Digital ID – This is a big computer system for the whole country. It will make it easier for people to use government websites and services.

These plans show that the government wants Thailand to have lots of digital things everywhere.

Thailand Embraces E-Learning: How Online Education is Changing the Game

When COVID-19 happened, schools in Thailand had to start doing classes online very fast. There are some websites that help with online learning:

  • Skooldio – Many students in grades K-12 like this website. It has videos that are fun to watch.
  • OpenDurian – This was the first website in Thailand where you can take university classes online.
  • Coursera – This is a website used all over the world. It works with some universities in Thailand. Students can earn special papers called certificates.

this blog will show you about the new digital technology in thailand

People who know a lot think that more and more people in Thailand will learn online. They think it will grow by 17% every year until 2027. This is because Thai people are getting better at using computers and the internet.

Strengthening Thailand's Digital Fortress: Key Cybersecurity Strategies for a Secure Future

As Thailand uses more technology, there are more dangers online. Thailand has begun some plans like:

  • National Cybersecurity Committee – This group is in charge of making rules and guidelines.
  • Cryptography Law – This law says how to use special codes to keep information safe.
  • Draft Cybersecurity Act – Thailand is making this new law to make online protection stronger.

Thailand needs to spend more money on people and computers to make the internet safer.

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