$100 Per Survey – Sites That Actually Pay!

To expect money earned through surveys to be the main source of income is definitely unrealistic, but having some extra money to help get rid of that debt is never a bad idea.

If you’re wondering which survey sites pay the most, here are our top picks that offer $100+ per survey.

1.  Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a research group company and is often on the lookout for different kinds of people to participate in research studies.

These studies are quite random and are conducted both in-person as well as online. The company first evaluates your personality on the basis of the information you provide and then allots you a particular research.

Along with surveys, some simple activities like in-home interviews, taste tests, product trials, etc can also help you earn with this kind of company.

You can get paid more than $100 for the time you put in however this will also depend greatly on demographics.

2. Survey Club

Another high paying survey site in the market, Survey Club allows you to get paid as high as $115 per study that you take.

You’re paid for everything from product research and focus groups to taking surveys. Once you’ve signed up, you’re shown research studies that are relevant to you. The details you entered guide the site to match you with appropriate results.

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the best online survey sites out there. This brand is actually a market research company that brands hire to gather consumer insight.

They don’t necessarily pay you $100 per survey but is one of the highest paying survey sites that remunerate you for your opinion. They are highly recommended by their users and offer a lot of opportunities to earn a decent amount of money.

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up with the site; this can also be done using your existing social media.
  • Complete your profile and provide the required information.
  • You get a sign up bonus of $2 and you now can start exploring surveys that interest and match your demographics.

How Much Does It Pay?

Vindale Research advertises making up to $50 per survey for its users. Not all surveys have the same reward though, they can range anywhere from $2-$50.

4. Mindspay

Mindspay is a website that pays its users to review products and evaluate them. You also get a bonus for registering and once you give in your information, it sends you emails on products and services that require your feedback.

It’s possible to make about $50 per survey which is a great opportunity for those living in the US.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the top paid survey sites. Steadfast and trustworthy, it is used by thousands of people living in the US, Canada and Australia.

Taking surveys on this site is not an instant way of becoming a millionaire but for some extra money on the side, it’s a no brainer. Making money while doing almost nothing is the dream, isn’t it?

How Does It Work?

  • You can sign up using your email id.
  • Choose the surveys that interest you and pay the highest.
  • Fill surveys and start earning.

How Much Does It Pay?

The amount you receive on completing a survey completely depends on the nature and size of it. Longer surveys naturally thus pay the user more than a short, quick survey.

Each survey rewards you a number of points. In the world of Survey Junkie, every 1000 points = $10 and every short survey (1-20 minutes) rewards you from 10-90 points.

6. American Consumer Opinion

American consumer opinion is another online website that offers its users frequent high paying surveys.

You need a minimum amount of $10 to cash out which honestly isn’t hard to achieve. However, expect long surveys, sometimes the high paying surveys can take more than 60 minutes.

How Does It Work?

  • Joining this site is free. Just sign up with your email.
  • Answer questions like information about annual income, age, relationship status, etc.
  • Wait for the site to offer you relevant surveys and start filling.

How Much Does It Pay?

They pay the users in “points” where every point is equal to a dollar.

For short surveys, users can expect between 5-50 points and longer surveys fall in the range of 100-5000 points. You need a minimum of 1000 points to cash out via PayPal.

7. Userinterviews.com

Userinterviews.com is a simple website where you sign in with your information and once a project or research meets your demographic, they will send you a list of projects.

If a project seems interesting to you out of this list, you can fill out the profile and on qualifying, you’re paid for the time you put in. Different projects pay different and the amounts are quite extreme. It is important to ensure that the project matches your demographic to save your time.

Userinterviews.com advertises a payment of $30 for a customer and $70 per survey for a professional who takes their survey. If you do qualify, you can earn a hefty amount in a short time!

8. Swagbucks

One of the most popular and convenient ways to make extra money is Swagbucks. From something as simple as watching videos and playing games to taking easy surveys, Swagbucks lets you earn money for doing next to nothing.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Signing up with Swagbucks is easy using their site or their mobile app. Here are 4 easy steps to start your earnings:

  • Enter your email and choose a password
  • Click “Sign Up”
  • Confirm your email

And you’re all set! Once you’re done, you’ll also be rewarded a signup bonus of 300 Swagbucks (points).

How Much Does It Pay?

Swagbucks pays you in the way of SB points. In their universe, 1000 SB= $10.  On average, Your SB points can be redeemed in the way of PayPal cash or gift cards.

9. Panda Research

Panda Research is a company offering its members an opportunity to make additional money online by simply filling out surveys and reading emails.

Users are paid when taking different surveys which can be either short or long. Cash-out on this site is permitted once the account reaches a balance of $50.

10. Cashback Research

Cashback Research is a survey site that offers you about $60 per survey.  You earn for your opinion and can earn cash via PayPal. They too have a signup bonus of $5 for all their users.

11. Respondent.io

Respondent.io is another site where you can make money by filling in surveys.

The site asks you to sign up with your social media or LinkedIn to gain access to your employment record. You also provide your contact details and other demographic details so that you can be matched with the appropriate surveys.

You can easily find a number of surveys that pay up to $50.

12. Inbox Dollars

Founded in 2000, Inbox Dollars is one of the most famous survey sites out there. It provides monetary rewards as well as other prizes for performing activities like taking surveys, watching videos, etc.

How Does It Work?

Inbox Dollar awards you your first $5 on signing up. Online Shopping, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and reading emails are a few ways how users make money on this site

How Much Does It Pay?

You can earn up to $20-$30 a day just answering surveys, reading emails and watching videos. They even have a joining bonus of $5 for all new users.

You can cash the total amount out via PayPal or in the way of gift cards as soon as your it reaches 30$.

13. Research.fm

Research.fm awards its users money for answering survey questions on music.

If you qualify for their research, you’ll be sent an invite by the company. Once you decide to go ahead with it, you rate music samples on their server. When done, the reward can be claimed in the way of an Amazon gift card.

Get paid to listen to music, it doesn’t get better than this!

14. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is a survey-like website that pays users to complete studies. Every study completed pays you $50 via PayPal. Users can make $50 in as little as 10-15 minutes; making $100 is a matter of a few hours at max.

You can check out the studies that interest you from their dashboard. These offers depend on your profile and demographics.

Mindswarms, unlike other survey sites, requires for you to answer in the way of a short video instead of clicking on endless buttons if you’re comfortable with being in front of the camera and have a few minutes to spare on a daily basis, Mindswarms can prove very helpful for that side income.

15. Engage Studies

This brand looks for people who are willing to give their opinion on products of daily use. They pay anywhere from $50-$250 depending on the time you put in.

16. Survey Squad

Survey squad is one of the highest paying online survey sites out there. Joining this site is free and it has numerous opportunities for everyone. Users often come across surveys that pay $100 on various topics.

Find what interests you and start earning.

17. FocusGroup.com

FocusGroup.com is an opinion research company that offers money-making opportunities in the way of focus studies across the US.

You join for free, fill out your details and respond to surveys that are sent to you but the brand. You can be asked to take survey questions, asked for a phone interview, asked to travel for a study, etc.

Most activities pay $75 to $150. You can even check out the studies that the brand offers before you join.

18. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research is a company looking for customers and consumers to share their valuable opinion on different things like TV commercials, beauty products, etc.

The signup process is 100% free and asks only for some generic information from you. If your profile meets the requirements of a study, the company contacts you with the relevant information.

You can easily get paid $100 per survey. $100 is actually one of the lower amounts as some users have earned up to $400 thanks to this company.

19. SIS International

SIS International is another website that offers a plethora of opportunities to make extra money online by taking studies. Most of them pay $100 or more.

The process is similar to most other sites – you have to sign up, give your information and wait for the company to send you the studies that match your demographic.

20. SurveyFeeds.com

This site offers a range of opportunities from paid surveys to focus groups and research studies. It posts advertisements from other companies making it easier for its users to find cash paying surveys. Some opportunities pay as much as $300.

We highly recommend this site due to its wide range of high paying surveys. It has an amazing selection and you can filter the surveys according to online/ offline and your location.

21. Global Test Market

Launched way back in 1999, this online survey site is one of the oldest websites in the industry. The company is well-reputed and is accessible worldwide.

How Does It Work?

  • Global Test Market has a simple and fast registration process where you can register using only your email information and your name.
  • You can choose to directly sign up through your social media handles too. Once you’re in, select surveys that interest and fit your profile, fill them in and get paid.

How Much Does It Pay?

Global Test Market uses points known as Market Points. These can be redeemed for cash and other benefits. In this program, 23 points =$1.00

Surveys usually provide 35-250 points based on the nature and time taken to complete the survey. The cash-out procedure is simple and can be done through PayPal. However, you have to wait till you get 1100 points before you can cash out.

22. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a project by Harris Interactive, a New York-based business focusing on market research. The website is simple and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

  • The signup process is quite straightforward. You fill in your details and confirm your email address.
  • The company then allots you a password to remember and use.
  • Upon verification, the main platform becomes accessible and you can start taking surveys and making money.
  • A survey can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to be completed. A thing to note here is that users have often been sent only 3-6 surveys a month. So to make the most money on this site, patience is key. 

How Much Does It Pay?

Every survey completed grants users points. Once the amount in your account reaches 1250, the company becomes liable to pay.

1250 points =$10 in real money. There is no cash-out option, you can redeem your points in the way of gift cards only.

23. Pinecone Research

A survey company, Pinecone Research has generated a lot of buzz for itself over the years. You earn money on this site by taking surveys and reviewing market products.

How Does It Work? 

  • To begin, you need to fill their online form with your demographic information. Agree to the terms and conditions and register. This site allows only one family member per household to be a member.
  • You will then get an email regarding confirmation which would also include your username and password. It’s important to remember these.

You can then proceed to take as many surveys as you want.

How Much Does It Pay?

Pinecone research pays its users up to 3 dollars per survey. Checkout can be done through PayPal or by a check.

24. EarningStation

EarningStation is a website that pays its users for completing surveys, taking polls and other easy tasks.

It is renowned for the variety of gift card options they provide. Points are allocated to users on the completion of numerous tasks and the points are known as Station Dollars.

These points can later be redeemed in the way of gift cards or virtual visa. Users are able to withdraw cash only once they reach a higher level in the app.

25. MySurvey

Mysurvey.com is a survey site operating since 1995. The site pays its users for each survey filled out and covers a variety of topics.

It has a user-friendly and easy to use website that walks you through the whole process of earning extra income. Normally, you can earn anywhere between $0.5-$1.25 per survey but this can differ from survey to survey.

However, one of the major disadvantages of MySurvey is their requirement to earn at least 1200 points before you can cash them out. Every 1200 points equate an amount of $10.

26. VIP Voice

Vip voice doesn’t generally offer cash for their surveys. If you’re looking for surveys that pay cash only, this might not be the provider for you.

Members here earn points for the surveys taken which can be exchanged for bids on an auction or sweepstakes. Your points are considered entries into the draw. The more you put in, the higher the chances of you winning.

In the daily sweepstakes, it is possible to win up to $100. Points expire in the time period of six months, it’s thus essential to spend them before that.

27. YouGov

YouGov is an internet-based market research firm which sends you surveys and allows you to earn points which can be cashed in for money.

How Does It Work?

  • You are to sign up using the mobile app. This can be done using your email address or simply linking your social media.
  • Verify your email
  • Start with your first survey!

How Much Does It Pay?

In general, then reward for short surveys is from 50 points onwards. However, to cash out from YouGov, you need a minimum of 5000 points.

5000 points equate to US $65 (approx). You also have the choice of entering your points into a monthly prize draw as your entries.

28. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is a quick and easy to use site that lets its users participate in research studies and earn rewards for the same.

The sign up is simple, and taking surveys here is a breeze. However, a major disadvantage of this site is that to be able to redeem your points, the accumulated value needs to be at least 25,000 points.

1000 points on this site equate to $1. You can choose to receive a gift card too depending on your total points.

29. Panel Station

Panel station is another online community where consumers are rewarded for sharing their opinions and views.

The panel station offers a variety of gift cards in exchange of points however only a few regions allow cash out via PayPal. You can choose your preferred gift card once you earn 3000 points on this site.

Normally, for every online survey that you complete, you can earn 500-5000 points.

30. Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a platform that directs its users to sites that reward them for completing surveys. They do not conduct market research but simply direct users to the sites which do.

Their page advertises an earning potential of $300 when all resources are used to the fullest.

31. MyPoints

MyPoints is a great platform on which to get paid to take surveys.

You can even collect 100 points by simply downloading the app for the first time. Earning surveys can lead to earning up to 400 points. You also receive points if you’re disqualified which is definitely a plus for the users.

Once users earn 700 points ($5) they can choose from a variety of gift cards, travel miles or choose to cash out via PayPal.

32. Ipsos I-Say

Formed in 1995, Ipsos I- Say is one of the largest and oldest companies around for market research. Simply register on their website, take a survey and earn points.

You can then redeem these points for prizes and gift cards. Every survey can earn the user anything between 45-90 points. Every point on this site is worth $0.01. You can opt to redeem the points earned for cash via PayPal once you earn 1000 points, they also have a referral system where every reference earns you 100 points.

You don’t always have to redeem the points you’ve earned, you also have the choice to make donations to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Unicef, etc.

33. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another site that pays its users to take surveys for cash.

Once you complete your sign up and your profile, survey offers can be viewed. It’s necessary to answer a set of multiple choice questions before taking a survey.

The approximate payoff of this site is $1.50 per hour. A minimum of 100 points is required for users to redeem $10 cash via PayPal. To redeem your points in the way of a gift card though, only 50 accumulated points are required.

34. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy allows taking surveys for cash and pays its users in checks.

The best part about this website is that you can choose to checkout with as little as $1 in your account. There is no confusing points system and for every survey, you’re simply paid a dollar. It also has more features like monthly draws, referral programs, and other contest opportunities,

35. Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice aims at helping businesses and consumers identify upcoming internet trends by offering users of the internet an opportunity to earn while doing what they do best—browsing the web.

How Does It Work? 

  • Sign up to Nielsen Digital Voice by filling out their online questionnaire.
  • Download and install the Nielsen Digital Voice app.
  • Browse the internet however you want—games, blogs, movies, books— just be you!
  • Earn rewards based on the information you provide by just being online.

How Much Does it pay

As long as you have the app and you are online, you constantly earn money through their monthly sweepstakes amounting to at least $1000. The longer you stay, the more you earn. You can earn additional rewards by filling out surveys.

36. Springboard America

Springboard America partners with multiple corporate houses, government bodies, and not-for-profit organizations to understand the needs and opinions of the public, helping them to produce services, products, and policies that are in the best interests of the consumer.

The public’s feedback helps shape the output and decision making of the country.

How Does It Work? 

  • Springboard America will send you invitations to take part in studies and surveys!

How Much Does It Pay

You will earn points/sweepstakes for completing surveys and studies which can be redeemed for multiple gift cards like Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, etc.

You also enter the $1000 draw once you’ve signed up for Springboard America.

37. Toluna Opinions

Toluna believes in transforming products and services for the consumers by rewarding users for their opinions!

These opinions reach the businesses offering these products and services and help them consider the consumer opinions and incorporate them into their advertising, marketing, design, prototype, etc.

How Does It Work?

  • Once the registration is done, you can start earning rewards by filling out surveys you receive via email.

How Much Does It Pay?

You can earn points by filling out surveys and additional points by creating content, participating in Toluna games and inviting friends to join Toluna. The points you can earn are unlimited and you can redeem these points for cash.

38. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website based in the US where users earn rewards for performing various online tasks and activities, including taking surveys. With over 8 million members, it is a legitimate survey site which has been in the industry for over 10 years.

The sign-up process is similar to all others and can be completed in under 10 seconds. Your name, email id and a password are all you need. This is followed by a questionnaire about yourself to match you with suitable surveys, your reward per survey differs due to the length and nature of the surveys.

It is not consistent. This site redirects you to other survey providers companies and their surveys. The price associated is thus different for every survey and the rewarding system is quick and hassle-free. You can redeem an amount as low as $2 without any trouble.

39. CashCrate

CashCrate is a popular site established in 2006, which enables users to earn by taking surveys and watching ads.

Users are rewarded $1 for signing up and from there on earnings depend upon on the nature of the surveys that they take. For cash out to take place it is important to have a balance of at least $20 in your account.

40. Qmee

Qmee is an online site that allows people to make cash while taking surveys, shopping, and other simple activities. To earn a financial reward on this site, an exchange of some personal information is required.  On the brighter side, Qmee offers a variety of surveys and you will hardly ever run out of them. The payouts, however, are low as seen in comparison to other similar sites. Users report an hourly average of $1.46.

41. MySoapBox

MySoapBox is a trustworthy and well-known market research company that allows its users to get financial incentives for their time and opinions. Once you join the site and provide your personal information, you can start choosing from a variety of surveys available. Every survey awards you points depending on its length and complexity.

42. Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is a company that rewards its users with CR points for performing simple online activities like taking surveys, watching videos and shopping online. It’s one of the best and most rewarding apps out there.

With a simple sign up process, users can perform tasks to earn CR points. Once you have accumulated up to 1000 points, you can start redeeming them. The most preferred way of cashing out from this site is in the way of gift cards.

43. Valued Opinions

If you’re wondering which survey sites pay the most, Valued Opinions might seem like a good bet.

However, it’s important to note that this site doesn’t pay in cash. They only pay in the way of gift cards. The site, as the name suggests, values your opinions and pays you for them. A variety of surveys ranging from gaming consoles to cultural changes, there is something for everyone on Value Opinions.

Signing up is easy once you fill in all the relevant information and details. Once done you can begin taking surveys and earning for some amazing gift cards.

You can earn up to $2 every survey you take and the minimum catamount redeemable is $10.

44. Paid Viewpoint

This site pays cash for every completed market survey. They ensure user privacy and safety and also ensure that the surveys don’t get boring and monotonous. The pot of money related to each survey is divided equally between all the respondents who took the survey.

Cash out payments are through PayPal and a minimum balance of $15 is required.

45. Shoptracker

Shoptracker is an app that collects a history of customer’s purchases on Amazon. This is a preferred app among users since it doesn’t require answering too many personal questions.

You also receive a signup bonus and continue to earn points monthly as long as the app is installed on your phone. You can choose to cash out, donate or redeem the points in the way of gift cards.

46. Smart Dollars

Smart Dollars is a site that advertises paying its users $300 per day by taking surveys and performing other tasks on their site. However, it is simply a website that redirects users to other survey taking sites.

Smart dollars doesn’t pay the users themselves, nor do they provide any surveys on their site.


As unreal as it seems, it is possible to supplement your income and earn $100+, simply by signing up and filling in surveys. The more companies you register yourself with the better your chances of earning a higher amount.

Just join them, wait for the right offer, and you can get started on your journey.

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