30 Under The Table Jobs That Actually Pay

We understand how shady under the table jobs sounds. But are they really shady or illegal? 

Well, for the most part, they are not. They are simply jobs which have payouts in cash and are more than often off the books. 

We understand the stigma the terms “under the table” and “off the books” have to them but it’s important to note that only jobs which aren’t reported are illegal. As long as you do your tax reporting, you’ll be just alright.

That being said, we have for you a list of few wonderful gigs that can help you keep the cash flowing and act as income supplements.

These jobs not only have the potential of increasing your already existing income but also a probability of turning into a full-time career. If you never try, you’ll never know!

1. Babysitting 

People are zipping through life with an unmatched speed these days. This means longer and busier work hours and lesser time for their personal lives. 

Working parents often find themselves in sticky situations regarding the same. This, however, opens up a plethora of employment opportunities for people looking for under the table jobs.

If you like spending time with children and think you can take care of them, babysitting can be a good option for you as baby sitters are usually paid in cash on an hourly basis.

More than often this can turn out to be a long term job, for once you built and establish a trust and bond with the parents and children; they will consider you to take care of the kids as and when needed. 

A hindrance in this job is references. Families won’t hire you if you don’t have the necessary references and experience. However, this can be easily worked on by babysitting for a few friends or co-workers. 

If you’re looking for opportunities in babysitting, we highly suggest creating an account on Care.com, Craigslist as well as joining local facebook groups. An ever open opportunity, it won’t be hard to find families looking for babysitters if you have good references and work ethic.

Estimated pay: More than $10 an hour

2. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the oldest and most common ways of making extra money. If you have the knowledge and the experience, tutoring can pay you for them. 

You can also start tutoring by taking training yourself on sites like EnglishFirst to ensure accurate information and knowledge. 

Tutoring can be done online as well as offline, thanks to the advanced technology now available worldwide. If you are competent in a particular area, we highly recommend trying teaching it as a skill. Not only does it help in making cash but also opens up the possibility of making it your full-time career.

With your own set work hours and almost zero overhead expenses, tutoring can be one of the most rewarding under the table jobs out there.

 Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $18.

3. Freelance writing

Freelancing gives you the freedom of flexibility and working on your own terms. You not only work when you want but also have unlimited earning potential.  

Working as a freelance writer is a great idea to make under the table money if you have the necessary skill and experience. 

You can write articles online for different magazines, websites, and blogs and work as a content writer. You could also write content for university students looking for help with their papers and thesis, especially during exam time.

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $24.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading is the skill of examining and correcting documents before they are submitted. 

A proofreader is responsible for fixing spelling errors, punctuation, and other grammatical errors while simultaneously working on the overall composition and alignment of the document. It is a suitable under the table job for anyone looking for a work from home and flexible opportunity.

If you’re an avid reader and if this is something that appeals to you, we suggest checking out Proofread Anywhere. It is a comprehensive course on proofreading that not only teaches you the basics of it but also helps you get clients. 

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $19.

5. Caterer

Catering is a great idea if you are a good cook, especially during the holidays. 

You can start by catering to friends or co-workers and eventually expand. You could also earn simply by helping busy caterers looking for help with various events and activities. Being in the caterer’s team involves helping setting up trays, making deliveries, serving food, etc. 

This could be a good temporary gig and can also give you the required experience and inspiration to start your own thing in this line!

Estimated pay: Depends on the event and your employer.

6. Gardening

People, especially the elderly are always looking for help with their yard and garden work. This could involve basic gardening work like planting flowers, plants, trimming trees, maintaining the garden regularly or simply help in setting up a new garden. 

If you have a green thumb and love for nature, this can prove to be a great under the table job for you! 

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $13.

7. Cleaning

In the ever moving world, it’s hard to keep up with both professional work and domestic work. The tedious work hours often lead to dirty, unkempt homes and frustration among people. 

Whether a onetime deep cleaning or a recurring job, people are always looking for help when it comes to cleaning.

If the idea of mopping, vacuuming, dusting and generally keeping things in place doesn’t bother you, Cleaning can be your go-to under the table job. 

Care.com is a great way to find people looking for the help you have to offer when it comes to cleaning.

Estimated pay:  The average hourly pay is around $24. However, this depends on the work performed and your employer. It is possible to earn $100, $200 or even $300 for a day.

8. Digital Marketing Online

It’s 2019 and digital is the way to be. Every business regardless of industry needs marketing, and advanced digital options are becoming a clear choice for the same.

If you’re familiar with digital marketing tools like Google AdWords, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc, you can provide your services to different employers by freelancing.

The best part about freelancing is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to local brands, you can explore options globally.

Estimated pay:  You can make up to $200 a day, depending on the project and your client.

9. Crafter Selling Products From Home

If you’re blessed with the talent of making art, there is no better way to make money. From pottery to paintings you can make money selling products from home. The sky is the limit with this one as it’s possible to find a buyer for anything these days. 

We’ve come across a bunch of out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to selling crafts. Here are a few examples to stir up your imagination: 

o Silversmithing and homemade jewelry making

o Glass blowing 

o Using carpentry skills to make structures

o Home-made clothes

o Ceramics 

The most popular ways to sell your art include selling online on sites like Etsy.com, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook or creating your own website!

You can also use local events like neighborhood fairs, farmer’s market and other festivities to your advantage and set up a little booth. You can also sell your craft by advertising in magazines and the classifieds paper.

If you’re an artist currently stuck in a creative block, we suggest exploring sites like Etsy and Pinterest for your next side gig idea. 

If you have the knack for creating, don’t let anything stop you and start making money by doing what you love!

Estimated pay: Depends on the art and the demand.

10. Website Development

If you have the desired skills for developing a website, you’re entering a field that will never die. 

Every business needs a website and the job opportunities will only increase in the coming future. Making websites for local businesses can be a good side hustle. 

Various themes and ideas can be explored on sites like Envato.com. You can offer your services to individuals, influencers as well as organizations looking for your skill. 

Estimated pay: $80-$100 an hour, if you’re a good developer.

11. Dog walker/ Pet Sitter

Dogs are truly man’s best buddies since the beginning of time but they need frequent attention to maintain good health. 

Unfortunately, not every owner has the time and energy to dedicate much time to their furry friends when it comes to walks. That’s where YOU as a dog walker step in. 

Dog walking is a great under the table job if you’re a dog lover as it pays you to spend time with them. 

You can always find dog walking opportunities on rover.com and care.com that meet your requirements. 

Estimated pay: You can earn about $18 to $21 for a full hour walk. These rates differ from area to area. You can also earn bonuses for advertising and tips. 

Being a Pet sitter is another aspect of this job. If you don’t mind housing a furry friend, you can make some good money by simply having a fun time with the cutest creatures.

Estimated pay: you can easily make $20, $30 or $40 per night, per pet. Add in some more pets and we’re talking about a satisfying side income.

12. Personal Assistant

With the standard of life improving for millions of people every day, having a personal assistant is becoming less and less of a luxury. 

People frequently hire other people to perform odd jobs for them. From taking their kids to school to going grocery shopping for them, a personal assistant be expected to do almost anything and everything.

You can get hired as a personal list by making a list of all the things and skills you have to offer along with your resources. For e.g.: if you’re a good driver with a safe car, you can be hired to drive people around.

The job role includes performing random tasks for your employer and doing their work for them.  

Estimated pay: Around $3000 a month.

13. Selling Products At Carboot Sales or Garage Sales

Just like a crafter selling his art, you can also sell things lying around the house in exchange for money. 

Having a simple garage sale can not only help you get rid of extra items and clean up your house but also make you money. This is most effective for people living in urban areas facing roads as more and more people pass their property. 

If you don’t have such a property and still desire to conduct such a sale, we suggest taking your car to a park or other busy spot on a weekend and display the items you want to get rid of.

Pretty self-explanatory, it is a classic idea to earn a few bucks by doing almost nothing.  Give it a try, you’ll be quite surprised as to what people are willing to pay for.

 Estimated Pay: Depends on the goods you’re selling and their demand.

14. Driver

If you like driving, earning cash by being a driver is one of the most effective ways of making money. You can do this by offering delivery services to fast food or other local restaurants.

You can also partner with big food delivery cooperates like UberEats, DoorDash, Lyft, Postmates, etc. They are the best in the industry and pay good money to drivers.

You can collaborate with local supermarkets, and see if they require deliverymen.

You can deliver liquor if you’re comfortable driving after hours.

You can simply register on Craigslist, and check out the “rideshare” portion to see offers posted by people looking for a ride. If you’re already heading towards the destination, this makes it possible for you to earn money by sharing your car with someone. By offering a ride to someone, you can easily cover gas and other overhead expenses. 

Estimated Pay: Food delivery drivers make about $6 per delivery. If you club a number of deliveries together, making a few extra bucks becomes quite easy.

15. Personal Trainer

If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to make some extra money, you can consider becoming a personal trainer. People are constantly looking for motivation and support when it comes to being fit which results in high demand for trainers.

You can choose to train an individual or take group classes depending on your experience, training, and skill. If you’re new to the fitness scene, you can start by conducting fitness sessions for kids or the elderly.Once experienced, you can also make money online by providing people with videos, diets and other fitness related suggestions. This way, you can cater to clients all around the world. 

It is a great option to earn cash from home if you aspire to grow in this field. 

Estimated Pay: Depends on students and the kind of fitness services you’re providing. 

16. Instructor

If you are competent in a skill and are confident about it, you can offer it to people looking to learn in exchange for extra money. 

We’re not talking certified and trained teachers. We’re simply suggesting hobby classes. 

This could be anything from dance to guitar to painting. If you have the talent, you can get people to pay for it. You can conduct classes at your own house or be a home tutor and cater to students at their place. 

You could also be an assistant to someone already taking classes. This too can prove to be a good way to gain experience to start off your own thing. 

If you’re great at something, we highly recommend checking out Craigslist. Chances are someone is already looking for what you could potentially offer!  

Estimated Pay: Depends on students and the kind of fitness services you’re providing. 

17. Manual Labor

Doing odd jobs involving manual labor is one of the most durable ways to work for cash. 

  • When it comes to moving places, everyone from new college students to new tenants require a helping hand. You can try your hand as a mover and offer services related to short moves for renters.
  • You can also try other jobs involving labor like waste removal or yard clean ups.
  • Work involving carpentry and concrete work can also be considered.

Manual labor jobs are the most popular cash paying jobs and are available throughout the year. 

If you’re okay with getting your hands dirty, we recommend checking out Craigslist to interact with people looking for help. However, it’s important to remember to read the job description closely along with the duration of the work. 

Estimated Pay:  A mover on average makes about $15 an hour.

18. Photography

Have a DSLR and a skill to capture the best of life? Use it to make money. 

At a time where Instagram is booming and everyone wants to have the perfect squares online, the demand for good photographers has increased.  The ever-growing image-centric internet now demands the best quality photographs and videos for their ever-growing audience.

Be it weddings, baby showers, vacations or other parties, a photographer can find work in a variety of spheres. If you have a knack for photography, you can also create tutorials online and take classes!

If you do wish to find work as a photographer, it is important to have a good portfolio of your past work as this is what the employer will be judging you on. Especially as a freelancer, make sure you have a good big book of your samples and referrals. 

Estimated Pay: A photographer on average makes about $15 an hour.

19. Street Entertainment

This may seem a little silly on this list but is a good way of making a few extra bucks every once in a while. 

Street entertainment can include anything from music to dance to magic. 

If you live near a popular tourist area, take your talents to the street and add to those funds. If you’re a musician or a dancer, it can be a liberating place to practice and test out new pieces. 

There’s a lot you can do on a busy street as long as you make sure it’s legal, not obtrusive, fun and in the right spot. It’s not only a way of making money but also a way of unwinding and having fun with random strangers. 

Estimated Pay: Depends on your audience.

20. Tour Guide

With a good knowledge of your city and some free time on your hand, you can become a tour guide for tourist spots in your city. 

A friendly, approachable personality and a willingness to interact and answer questions are a must have for this occupation. Bonus points if you speak a foreign language! 

You can conduct specialized tours by yourself or by registering with a company working in tourism. You can check out Craigslist to see the demand for tour guides out there.

A touristy city and a fun personality is a great combination that makes money in this gig!

Estimated Pay: An average US tour guide makes $13 an hour.

21. Interpreter

At a time of peak globalization, businesses have gone international. If you speak multiple languages, it is your time to shine. Working as an interpreter can prove to be the perfect cash gig for your polyglot self.

The job opportunities for an interpreter and translator have seen high demand over the last few years, and the demand seems to be only growing further.

You can serve as a translator, a document reviewer or a localization specialist and make this a high paying gig. 

Estimated Pay: An interpreter on average makes $20 an hour.

22. Housesitter

Similar to pet sitting, house sitting is a job with lots of responsibility. 

As a house sitter, you become responsible for the security, maintenance, and safety of the employer’s house. You are also expected to perform trivial tasks like picking up mail, water plants, etc. Basically, take care of the house while the owners are away. This is mostly required to avoid burglaries and thefts.

If you have some extra time on your hand, house sitting is easy money.

Estimated Pay: A house sitter makes $12 per hour on average.

23. In-home Makeup and Salon Services

Once stigmatized, makeup now is considered as an art on its own. As more and more people embrace the joy of this activity, the demand for professional skill has increased. 

If you are a lover of all things make-up and beauty and have the desired skill and practice, you can make this your cash paying gig! 

Be it glow-up makeovers, occasion-based styling or hair salon services, a lot can be offered by the comforts of your house. 

Estimated Pay: An in-home makeup artist can make up to $18 an hour.

24. Car Washing

Car washing is a common under the table job that people turn to when in need of some extra bucks. 

A good and clean job performed in a timely manner can ensure customers returning to you for your service. You can also provide mobile car wash services at clients’ homes to set yourself apart from numerous people doing the same old carwashing. 

Set your own price and simply start selling your service. Make sure you’re the best in the neighborhood as word of mouth goes a long way. Once you increase the number of customers for your service, you’ll see the money flowing right in.

Estimated Pay: A basic car wash can earn you $10-$15 a car.

25. Rent Your Room

An extremely lucrative option to make extra cash, renting a room out is one of the oldest practices to earn more. 

However, we’re not talking about renting your room or house out to a tenant for a month or a year. We’re talking about a new trend that’s changing the face of accommodation – Renting your room on a daily basis.

Still confused? What we mean is to rent out your room to different people on different dates. Basically, make your house an Airbnb. 

If by any chance you don’t know what an Airbnb is, here’s a little sneak peek –It is a revolutionary concept that allows users to experience culture by living with locals in their houses, that too for very reasonable prices. It is being chosen by millions of people every day over hotels.

You too can partner with this innovative concept, and make money by listing out your room with Airbnb.

Estimated Pay: Depends on your house details and the location.

26. Scoping

Scoping is a hidden gem when it comes to ways of making money.

 If this is your first hearing this term, here’s a little about scoping: 

It is the editing of transcripts for court reporters. A scopist reads and edits the transcript that a court reporter types. The court reporter types using a steno machine and computer-aided transcription software during court proceedings. However, the high pressure and fast pacing proceeds can lead to a number of errors in the document.

As a scopist, your job would be to fill missing words, add or correct punctuation and fix any other grammatical errors. However, it’s difficult to bag a job as a scopist without any training. If this role genuinely appeals to you, we suggest learning how to become a scopist through Internet Scoping School (ISS).

ISS is the most thorough, effective and popular scoping school that exists and is highly recommended by the National Court Reporters Association. 

Estimated Pay: Scopists are paid by page and as a beginner scopist you can expect to make $20 an hour. This amount can increase or decrease depending on your speed, quality of work and complexity of the court proceeding. 

27. Taking Surveys Online

The oldest way of making a few extra bucks, you can spend your free time completing surveys and answering questions for different sites. 

These sites connect brands looking for consumer insights with customers looking to make money online. Answering a few simple questions on your daily life gets you paid. 

  • Survey Junkie is one of the top paid survey sites if you’re looking for high paying surveys. Survey sites mostly pay users through PayPal, in the form of check or gift cards. 
  • American Consumer Opinion is another online website that offers its users frequent high paying surveys.  

If you’re looking to find more information on how to take surveys and which sites to join, PanelPlace is a platform with all the relevant information. 

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per survey depending on the site.

28. Being Active on Paid-to Sites

Just like survey sites, there exist a plethora of options when it comes to earning money for performing online tasks. 

However, not all of them are worthy of your time. When trying to earn money by performing simple activities like watching videos and taking product trials, it’s important to trust established sites with your time. 

  • Swagbucks is one popular site that you can trust for legit and timely payment for activities performed.  You can choose from a variety of tasks like playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, etc.

One of the easiest ways to make money, all this option takes is one Smartphone or computer. 

  • Quick Rewards is another online rewards site that pays the user to perform activities like reading emails, printing grocery coupons, shopping online, etc.  The easiest way to get extra cash from the comforts of your home!

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per task depending on the site.

29. Make Money on Smartphone Apps

If you’re someone who spends most of their free time on the phone and the internet, we have for you the perfect way to obtain additional funds.

You can replace the mindless scrolling with something productive like making money on apps like CashPirate, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, etc. 

These apps basically pay you for having fun. 

CashPirate, for instance, pays users for fun tasks like trying out a new game and watching a little video trailer.

The average American spends about 24 hours a week online, why not make money throughout?

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per task depending on the site.

Lets Wrap Up

One day or day one? You decide.

We hope this list of under the table jobs will get your creative juices flowing as you explore new job opportunities and also help you create your own! 

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